About Vegan at Heart

About Vegan at Heart

Hi, I’m Kane Johnston, founder and CEO of Vegan at Heart. I went vegan in 2010 as I learned more about the cruel way animals are farmed for human consumption, and the impact that meat and dairy farming had on the environment.

Over the years I’ve learned about the key role nutrition plays in health and well being, and I’ve learned and experimented with various diets to see what effects they had on my body my mood and overall health. Diets such as the high carb low fat diet (HCLF), the atkins diet (high protein, low carb), the raw food diet, the ketogenic diet, the mediterranean diet and more.

In particular I found the ketogenic diet very interesting as it literally switched the fundamental source which we derive our energy from.

While investigating and trying these different diets I found one common and slightly frustrating theme throughout…

Many of the diets were exceedingly difficult to adopt as a vegan!

This was mostly due to a lack of understanding that all vegans don’t necessarily follow the exact same diet plan or nutritional guidelines.

That’s why I created Vegan at Heart


  1. To empower vegans to live life the way they want by providing vegan-orientated information and strategies relating to diet and food choices.
  2. To provide quality information and guides about vegan living
  3. To make plant based dieting as simple, accessible and nonexclusive as possible

The first focus of this site will be on the vegan ketogenic diet, as this is a diet which has many proven benefits and can be an absolute game changer for those with diabetes or suffering from epilepsy. And why should diabetics and epileptics be denied these benefits because they choose not to eat animal products?

Plus I figure if I can demonstrate that even such a seemingly meat and dairy heavy diet such as the ketogenic diet can be adapted for vegans, maybe people will see the sky really is the limit when it comes to vegan life.

Until next time, here’s to your health!