Want to Know Why Most People FAIL to Lose Weight on Vegan Keto?

Hey, Kane here again…  

Firstly, congrats on starting your vegan keto journey!

If you're on this page I know you're serious about succeeding with this diet which is fantastic.

Before I Continue - You Know:
  • The Ketogenic Diet Is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at Melting Away Pesky, Embarrassing Body Fat
  • I've PERSONALLY Lost Weight With The Vegan Ketogenic Diet

But there's something else you need to know...

Unfortunately, Most People Fail To Lose Weight On Vegan Keto Because Of Two Critical Challenges

These challenges are something you may have already faced, and if not you’ll likely face them as you move forward with the Vegan Keto Diet.

So, WHAT are these challenges I’m talking about?

And most importantly, HOW can you overcome them?

I’m gonna cut to the chase - When you start diving into a full-on Vegan Keto diet to help you melt off the fat and to transform your own body and health, the two biggest challenges you’ll face are:

Vegan Keto Diet: Challenge #1

Getting Enough Calories + Protein…Without Kicking Yourself Out of Ketosis


Yes, a vegan keto diet can do amazing things for your body, health and your own rapid weight loss. But in order for it to work effectively, you have to do things correctly.

One of the biggest challenges or “pitfalls” that many women (or men) make when going full-on Vegan Keto is getting enough calories and protein without kicking yourself out of Ketosis.

Let me explain…

First you need to understand the real truth about PROTEIN:

Not getting enough lean protein in your diet can create muscle wasting, actually increase fat on the body, raise cholesterol levels and lead to a cascade of health problems you do not want.

Your body NEEDS sufficient protein to fully operate and function properly. Of course, for those who follow a typical keto diet there are plenty of zero carb, high protein food sources in the form of meat, poultry and fish.


As Vegan’s we don’t endorse animal cruelty and so don’t eat these things, and that’s fine because there’s plenty of protein in plant foods.

However since we’re going Vegan and Keto at the same time - it's tough.

Getting Enough Protein While Staying In Ketosis Is A Massive Challenge, Because EVERYTHING We Eat Has Carbs

And too many carbs will kick you out of ketosis.

Here's the thing...

The reason keto works is that your body switches from burning carbs for fuel to burning FAT.

If you are following a keto diet but eating too many carbs to actually be in ketosis, your body is still trying to process carbs as it's primary fuel source.


That means your groggy, have low energy, low mood and your not losing weight.


The real truth about CALORIES:

You see, many people believe that starving yourself (or drastically cutting down calories) is one of the best ways to lose weight and burn fat. Unfortunately, this is a terrible thing to do.

Calories are necessary for your body to function properly, and not getting enough calories can trigger ‘starvation mode’ in your body. This will then make your body store even MORE fat and make it even MORE difficult for you to lose weight.


Does this mean you shouldn’t go into a calorie deficit to lose weight?

No - you definitely should. My point is making sure that you never take it too far.

Not only is taking this further unsafe for your body, but it’s one of the main reasons why people fail to lose weight the safe way (and for the long haul).

Bottomline: Getting Enough Calories And Protein Is Paramount To Losing Weight On Vegan Keto, But The Challenge Doing So WITHOUT Going Out Of Ketosis.

Vegan Keto Diet: Challenge #2

Allowing Enough Time for Your Body To Become ‘Fat Adapted’


Guess how long most people last on a vegan keto diet? A few months? Maybe a year?

Nope. People typically only make it for 1-2 weeks ONLY, and when they don’t see the weight loss results they desire, they bail and quit the diet altogether. Aside from challenge one (getting enough calories and protein), the biggest reason people quit is:

They Struggle To Create Delicious, Varied Meal Plans To Last Their Vegan Keto Journey!

It's important you don't quit during the first two weeks, as this is the most vital stage in the process, when your body will make the primary shift to burning fat instead of carbs.

This is the first stage of becoming "Fat Adapted".

But many quit before they start to see the real results that will come to them if they’d only continue past the first 2 weeks of the diet.

Sure, the first two weeks you may lose a few pounds here or there, but the vast majority of it is simply water weight only.

We highly recommend you stick with Vegan Keto for 3 MONTHS to allow your body to fully adjust to Ketosis. This way you can maximize your ability to lose the most weight and enjoy the added health benefits as well.

You Need To Stick With Vegan Keto For At Least 3 Months To See Real Results

This way you can maximize your ability to lose the most weight and enjoy the added health benefits as well.

Enter the 1-Week Vegan Keto Diet Plan…

The free 1 week diet plan I sent to you recently is a great way to start vegan keto and holds you by the hand for your first week.

It's there to help guide you to stay on the right track as you begin your vegan keto diet the healthy and tasty way.

But what happens when you reach the end of your first week?

You need to create your own meal plans using the recipes in the one week diet plan and other recipes you either create or find around the place. But finding very low carb, high protein, high calorie recipes is DIFFICULT.

How can you make sure you get the right amount of protein, calories and carbs to make everything work perfectly?

What should you do next at that point?

Here’s your next “go to” solution…

Our ‘Get the Edge Recipe Power Pack’ - Your Ultimate Vegan Keto Recipe Toolkit…


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Now you’ll be able to EASILY craft Vegan Keto meal plans that match your caloric and protein requirements without having to rely on just adding in more oils to bump up calories and drinking more protein shakes to bump up protein intake.

While the free 1-week diet plan will help you get a jumpstart on creating future meal plans for your Vegan Keto Journey...

Get The Edge Takes It To Another Level Completely So You’ll Always Love What You Eat!

The “Get The Edge Recipe Power Pack” is an indispensable resource you can use for a LIFETIME to create high protein, high caloric Vegan Keto meal plans with ease and NEVER get bored or burned out on what you eat!”

The biggest benefit of the “Get The Edge Recipe Power Pack” is its amazing versatility…

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If you want to stick to a Vegan Keto Diet, then these uniquely formulated vegan keto recipes are a must own.

Just check out the stats of these recipes - on average each recipe contains:

  • 660 Calories (To Fill You Up)
  • 53.4g Fat (To Give You Energy)
  • 35.6g Protein (To Fuel Your Body)
  • Only 9.6g Net Carbs (To Keep You In Ketosis!)

Recipe Sneak Peek 1: ‘PUMPKING Rocky Mountain Pancakes’

These pancakes are the king of vegan keto breakfast foods, with a whopping 43.5 grams of protein and nearly 600 calories per serving!

They're also full of healthy fats (an important source of energy on vegan keto) and the pumpkin seeds are a great source of plant based Omega-3's known as ALA's. In addition they contain magnesium and zinc and act as an antioxidant to boost your health!


Recipe Sneak Peek 2: Tantalizing Tofu Burger with Pumpkin Chips

The only way to sustain cravings from greasy food like burgers, is to fill-up on fat and eat your fill. Most people fail on Vegan Keto because, they do not eat enough healthy fat in their meals.

This delicious Vegan Keto Tofu Burger cleverly utilities Lentils in just the right amounts so you get the protein and nutrient benefits without getting too many carbs.

Coming in at 591 Calories, 33.3g Protein and only 9.8g Net Carbs these nutritious Tofu Burgers fill you up with healthy protein wihtout "breaking the net carb bank"!

These are just two of the fantastic recipes we have in store for you in the “Get The Edge Recipe Power Pack”.


In fact, there’s a “hidden gem” recipe inside this guide that has over 952 calories, 44.5g protein and only 8.4g net carbs! You can easily “mix and match” these meals into your existing meal plan so you can quickly add more taste and variety to everything you eat!

All Of These Recipes Will Help You Avoid The 2 Most Critical Challenges That You Will Face When Diving Into A Vegan Keto Diet Not Only Now… But Also In The Future!

You’ll always get the right amounts of calories and proteins you need to shed off those unwanted pounds and stay in ketosis PLUS it’ll make meal planning a breeze!

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Remember, the two BIGGEST roadblocks to succeeding with Vegan Keto are:

  • 1. Getting enough calories and protein while staying within your net carb range
  • 2. Having enough variety to stick with the diet for long enough to reap the rewards

This Get the Edge Recipe Power Pack solves these challenges for you by providing a collection of SPECIALLY DESIGNED, high calorie, high protein, low carb recipes you can add to your meal plans and make succeeding with Vegan Keto MUCH easier.

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