Having Trouble GETTING STARTED or STICKING with Vegan Keto?

There’s ONLY ONE REASON I know of that you may not succeed on a vegan ketogenic diet… and it has everything to do with your access to delicious, low carb vegan food, FAST.

The good news is, with this stunningly simple cookbook I’ll show you, it’s now as easy as reading this page to create fresh, mouth-watering vegan keto meals in minutes - even for some of the busiest eaters in the world...

Hey there, my name’s Kane, and I’ve been eating vegan keto for quite some time now.

But when I first started this journey, it was tough...

There were virtually no vegan keto websites and no REAL vegan keto cookbooks to speak of (even if they pretended to be up front).

Getting Quality Vegan Keto Recipes and Information Was a Real Struggle!

It took me a long time to build up enough recipes and crunch enough nutrient data together to make it work…

But eventually my efforts started to pay off and develop into a comprehensive system that could be used to see real results with a vegan ketogenic diet.

​After developing my plan and getting started with vegan keto, my body switched to burning fat for fuel and I lost 13 pounds in the first month…

20 pounds by the end of the second…

And after 3 months I had lost 26 pounds, not by reducing my caloric intake, but just from switching to vegan keto.

I continued to refine my system and eventually it became easy and fun to do vegan keto, but only after that BIG LEARNING CURVE.

​Let's get real...

You’re here because you already know that the ketogenic diet is an amazing thing.

When your metabolism switches its primary fuel source from carbohydrates to stored body fat, most people report feeling more alive, increased mental clarity, and fat loss.

​We both know that there's diet on earth that delivers so many across the board health benefits, and when doing it “vegan style”, it DOES NOT compromise our ethical standards that make the earth a better place.

In My Opinion, Going Vegan Is Not Really a “Diet”

It’s really a choice - to only eat food that you can feel good about: keeping your carbon footprint low and not contributing to the suffering of animals.
The ketogenic diet is ALSO a choice: the choice to finally say NO to highly processed carbohydrates and sugar, the real source of most health problems today.
You see, the over consumption of refined carbohydrates wreaks havoc on your metabolism, causing blood sugar and insulin levels to rise to high levels and ultimately increases your risk of many diseases including obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

​The ketogenic diet addresses this by removing refined carbohydrates from the diet and replacing them with healthy fats, putting the body into a natural metabolic state called ‘nutritional ketosis’, allowing the metabolism to rest and recover.

​​The best thing?

By switching your primary food source from refined carbohydrates to healthy fats, your metabolism beings to relearn it’s natural ability to burn stored body fat for energy.
It’s no surprise then that studies show a ketogenic diet is especially effective at targeting abdominal fat (belly fat) that just doesn’t seem to want to go away!
Eating this way takes us right back to our natural hunter-gatherer state: strong and lean, with boundless energy and mental clarity.

The trouble is, when you first attempt to access the natural benefits of Keto as a vegan, you come across all kinds of half-baked offers…

...Regular keto recipes with meat substitutes thrown in - without regard for the huge taste & texture differences…

...Recipes that contain cheese and eggs - and even meat sometimes!

​“Vegan Keto” cookbooks that either aren’t vegan or don’t actually give you the proper Carb/Fat/Protein ratios to ever get into Ketosis (fat burning mode).

​But Now, ​there's a Way to Get ​All the Health Benefits of Keto ​WITHOUT the Animal Products

Benefit's like these...

  • Increased Mental Clarity
  • Increased Energy
  • Weight Loss Results
  • Less Hunger/Cravings
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Consistent Blood Sugar - No more crashes
  • Clearer, Smoother Skin

In fact, when you structure a Ketogenic diet for a Vegan lifestyle, you fix some of the “bugs” associated with it….

Your protein intake will be a healthy low-medium level.

You’ll get plenty of fibre.

You’ll eat lots and lots of electrolyte-heavy vegetables (great for beating the dreaded “Keto Flu”...more on that later…)

The results speak for themselves. We look better, feel better, and perform better.

​Imagine seeing and feeling more and more positive changes in your body as it stops burning the quick, easy, dirty fuel of excess carbohydrates, and switches to burning plant-based, nutrient-dense mega fuel stores of fat, including the ones already on your waistline.

The only problem is...

When Most People Start a Vegan Keto Diet, They FAIL to Stay On It!

The results are amazing and there’s a ton a buzz about the ketogenic diet... you’d think it would be child’s play to stay on the path, right?

Sadly, many people give up on the vegan ketogenic diet because of one primary reason…

As vegans, everything we are used to eating copious amounts of carbohydrates.

Keto is all about drastically reducing carbohydrates, and while that’s fine for meat eaters, it’s a bit more challenging for us.

Trust me, when I was getting started, I looked EVERYWHERE for recipes to make this work…

​Unfortunately as I’ve mentioned, most of the resources out there to “help you” are either not truly keto, or not even vegan!

It’s not very fun hunting through recipe books to find only 1 or 2 truly vegan keto options, trying to figure out what foods are allowed, and weighing everything you eat…

So what ends up happening? You figure out a dish or two, get bored eating the same thing everyday… frustration comes… and then you quit.

Since meat is a zero carb food, people who eat meat have an easier time staying sufficiently low carb to get in (and stay in) nutritional ketosis.

Just to Be Clear, I’m Not Suggesting You Eat Meat!

​​​I’m personally a vegan for ethical reasons, but this aside, scientists are beginning to acknowledge that meat is also harmful to human health, with the World Health Organisation recently classifying red meat as a class 2a carcinogen – this means they believe it probably causes cancer!

However, when doing vegan keto we still have to stick to the same net carb limits as meat eaters (around 30-50g net carbs day) while completely avoiding common vegan staples such as grains, beans, legumes, starchy vegetables and most fruits.

This can make it challenging to create low carb, vegan ketogenic dishes that are both delicious and nutrient dense.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

For the first time ever…

I’ve Created The World’s Best Book of Vegan Keto Recipes  

Giving you all the energy-boosting, fat-burning, and hunger-stopping power of Keto, WITHOUT sacrificing your vegan values.

The Hard Part is DONE: Here are The Most Fresh, Exploding-With-Flavor Vegan Keto Recipes on Earth!  

Sure, cookbooks from a random top chef are nice. But what if you had one from someone who’s dedicated YEARS to perfecting a TON of specifically vegan-keto approved recipes, making sure they’re tasty, and with easy to follow meal plans and shopping lists included?

Well, that’s exactly what you get with The Practical Vegan Keto Recipe Cookbook. It’s a beautiful, 61-page, full-color cookbook you can use on your computer, tablet or print and take with you anywhere.

This book forms the ultimate guide for making this diet fun, healthy, and full of variety that satisfies your taste buds.

No need to compromise taste OR convenience.

As you might already have guessed, each and every recipe contains:

  • ​NO meat or animal products of ANY kind
  • ​The proper amount of healthy fats
  • ​Carb servings that keep you under the ketogenic limit
  • ​NO refined sugars

It's all real food you can find at the grocery store, including vegetables, spices, nuts and seeds

...that's all... and yet you won't believe the range of recipes that are available for you once you peek inside.

These meals are so good that your friends are going to be jealous.

Will you tell them that your secret is this cookbook?

The choice is yours. :)

While many around you are complaining about fatigue and brain fog, eating tons of refined sugars and processed meat that's aging them at light speed...

...YOU will be enjoying some of the tastiest food you've ever tried. Like these.

Yes, these are all perfectly keto, completely vegan, and in the "diet".

And while you're eating these dishes, expect to be getting slimmer... more energized.. have better focus... uplifted mood... brighter skin... and the list goes on

If you're still wondering if this is for you...

I Created The Practical Vegan Keto Cookbook For ANYONE Serious About FLOURISHING in Their Life with Vegan Keto 

The recipes in this cookbook are universally healthy. It doesn't matter if you're a stay-at-home mom, a busy administrator or a fitness fanatic...

Just remember, when you start cutting out sugary crap as well as carcinogenic animal products from your diet...

And start putting low carb vegan meals on the table that are delicious and nutritionally-dense...

You'll experience a wave of repair and rejuvenation throughout your body. It'll be visible on your midsection, skin, face and much more.

More and more vegans are discovering keto and giving it a shot - because it produces results.

In fact, the only real "trick" to making this diet work for you is to make sure you have enough VARIETY of meals that taste great.

You don't want to eat the same 3 dishes over and over… That’s boring!

Thankfully, adding variety to your vegan keto diet is now easier that ever by making use of my exclusive tips and recipes throughout the pages of this book.

For Proof, Just Look at the Countless People Enjoying the Benefits of a Vegan Ketogenic Diet Online. More and More Are Appearing Every Day! 

*Last names blurred for privacy purposes

​​​You'll Be Cooking Delicious, Low Carb Vegan Meals Quickly and Easily

​When you get your copy of my cookbook - today - you will be eating healthy vegan keto meals that DO NOT result either in the senseless abuse of animals, or you having to eat bland, boring, tasteless foods..

Instead, you can start cooking low carb vegan meals quickly and easily with fresh ingredients that offer the ultimate range of delicious flavors.

​And I should reiterate - you don't have be be a pro to get these recipes to work. Each recipe includes step-by-step, handing-holding instructions, to MAKE SURE you get an amazing dish.

Everything from shopping lists to food preparation I show you in the book... it's all fast and simple.

You can make these amazingly good meals without taking forever and without breaking the bank.

These are all proven recipes! Ensure you'll never have to eat a boring meal again.

With 25 +5 new bonus recipes in this edition, this book covers all meal categories including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even shakes.

Every last one will get your taste buds excited.

Hopefully by now you can clearly see that I've gone to great lengths in order to bring you EVERY possible type of dish, and every way to make this diet delicious, with lots and lots of variety for your days.

The Practical Keto Cookbook Is So Simple, a Middle Schooler Could Use It

From the very beginning, I explain everything as you go along, making it as easy as possible and assuming no previous cooking experience.

Nothing about your dinner will be left to chance. :)

I walk you through each and every recipe step by step, point by point, until your meal tastes amazing (and looks fantastic on your plate).

You’ll get:

Simple, Easy, Amazingly-Yummy Vegan Keto Recipes
With a wide variety of easy-to-make vegan-friendly keto meals that will get rave reviews from friends and family every time!

Clear Directions Anyone Can Follow
There’s no guesswork, I walk you through each recipe with 100% crystal-clear detail, making SURE you’re able to prepare the dish.

Absolutely Everything You Need
...to follow a vegan ketogenic diet and to start achieving the health, energy, vitality and weight loss results you’ve been looking for!

To Shortcut Your Success and Results with this Vegan Keto Cookbook, I’ve Also Put Bonuses Worth $68 Into Your Pack - Absolutely FREE!

There are several reasons why a vegan might struggle getting started with a keto diet. You might be asking yourself...

  • What am supposed to buy? Do I need to go to specialty stores?
  • How do I KNOW that I’m going to get into Ketosis and experience all the benefits?

Well, let me make it easy for you...

As a special one-time offer for anyone who buys on this page now, I’m going to throw in free of charge...

The Complete ​Vegan Keto Guidebook
($29 Value) 

This guidebook explains how to properly plan your meals and also functions as your very own stand-alone vegan keto reference guide.

Inside you’ll learn:

  1. ​Meal planning tips and tricks for Vegan Keto.
  2. A "Substitution Options Cheat Sheet" that shows precisely which foods can be swapped out for others.
  3. What the diet is and why it’s beneficial for your health.
  4. A little known benefit of vegan keto and how to use the diet to improve your health at a foundational level.
  5. Exactly how long you should do the diet - and why.
  6. How to calculate your required calories, protein and net carbs, leaving no room for confusion.
  7. What intermittent fasting is and how to use it to maximize your results (this is completely optional).
  8. How exercise works on vegan keto and precisely what types are recommended at various stages of vegan keto (this is optional).
  9. Everything you need to know about the dreaded “keto flu” and the exact steps on how to easily minimize or even avoid it completely.
  10. Specific instructions on how to use the cookbook, meal plans and shopping lists and adjust them to cater to your lifestyle.
  11. Much, much more

4-weeks of Meal Plans ($29 Value)

Let me take away the most challenging part of Vegan Keto, and make it super easy.

The Practical Vegan Keto Meal Plans provide 4-weeks of example meal plans​ - leaving nothing to guesswork.

Each person is different, which is why the package includes three separate example 4-week meal plans (one for 1200, 1600 and 2000 daily calories). No matter what your caloric intake is you’ll find a meal plan for you.

It also includes blank meal plan calendar you can use again and again, filling it in as you go, ensuring you stay within your net carb range.

And the best thing is, all the nutrients in the recipes have been clearly broken down for you, broken down all the way to a per ingredient basis.

This makes it easy to adjust the plans..  you’ll know exactly how many calories, protein, fat and net carbs are in every single meal.

Shopping Lists ($10 Value)

No meal plan would be complete without a comprehensive shopping list, and that’s exactly what I’ve provided within the Practical Vegan Keto package.

There is a shopping list for each week of the meal plans, and each calorie level.

The lists make it simple to buy what you need in a single grocery run every week.

I’ve formatted them in A4 size for easy printing.

And to make it even easier, the foods are broken down into categories like “vegetables” and “pantry”, so you know exactly where to go in the store. Use the tick boxes to check off as you go!

With this complete pack, you won’t have to think at all when it comes to going Vegan Keto - everything is laid out step-by-step. So simple, a 6th grader could follow along.

In Summary, You Get:

The Practical Vegan Keto Cookbook ​($44 Value)
25 +5 bonus deliciously fresh vegan keto recipes

The Ultimate Guide To Vegan Keto ($29 Value)
To answer all your questions so that you can get going right away!

4 Weeks Worth of Meal Plans ($29 Value)
You’ll have plenty of variety whether your calorie goal is 1200, 1600, or 2000…

Complete Shopping Lists ($10 Value)
Divided by food category and easily printable for maximum convenience

In total, I could be selling these separately for around $112. I even think I underestimated the value of the Meal Plans, Shopping Lists and Guidebook to be honest…

But you won’t pay $112...or even $50.

You Get All That For Just $34

​You'll be taken to a secure checkout page to complete your purchase. The entire Practical Vegan Keto pack is in digital PDF format and will be delivered immediately to your inbox after purchasing.

​Start Feeling the Benefits of Keto as a Vegan… in Just 30 Days, or Your Money Back!

​I want you to succeed with Vegan Keto, and I’m so confident you’ll benefit from this recipe pack – that I’m taking all of the risk.

No, I’m not about to insult your intelligence by claiming that you’ll automatically love every single dish in this cookbook, or that it’s going to transform you overnight into some kind of supermodel…

What I CAN say is that I’ve spent a lot of time to figure these out...making them functionally keto, making them spark with flavor, and creating the plans that help vegans all over the world feel great and EASILY THRIVE on a diet that most people don't have the tools to succeed with.

So my guarantee to you is this: The Practical Vegan Keto pack (including cookbook, 4-week meal plans, shopping lists, etc) must make preparing meals more easy...more delicious...give you more variety on the diet… and help you experience the many health benefits of Keto (from weight loss to enhanced mood) way more quickly… or your money back. This isn’t just one of those generic guarantees most companies offer and hope you forget about...because I stand by the results this diet produces.

If you give the ​Practical Vegan Keto pack a ​shot and decide after you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, simply send an email to [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll refund you every penny – no questions asked.

​You Already Know Vegan Keto Is for You...

Are You Willing to Spend an Hour of Your Time and $34 to Starting Thriving on It?

When you download your pack now, you get:

  • The Practical Vegan Keto Cookbook - 25 +5 Bonus Recipes
  • Complete, 4-week, Easy to Follow Meal Plans for 1200, 1600, and 2000 daily calorie requirements
  • Weekly shopping lists - So that preparation is a no-brainer
  • The Practical Vegan Keto Guidebook

Worth a total of at least $112, yet you pay Only $34

(that’s $78 off)

Now that you know how easy and delicious Vegan Keto eating can be…

And now that you’ve seen the difference it can make in your health…

And especially since you know how important it is to fill your body with the kind of nutrition that will help you lose and maintain a healthy weight, improve your health and help your mind become crystal clear…

Let’s do it Together!

You now have 2 options the way I see it…

  1. ​Spend a few minutes every day learning to prepare these amazingly satisfying Vegan Keto recipes that you’ll master and use for LIFE to get healthier, lose weight and feel great.
  2. You could go try to learn all this on your own, a big mistake in my humble opinion, since most Vegan Keto recipes out there aren’t even vegan, or are just regular keto recipes with tofu thrown in without regard for taste or texture differences…  This is especially “the hard way” when you remember that your Practical Vegan Keto Pack is fully guaranteed!

Why not let me show you every amazing vegan keto recipe I know how to make?

I hope you’ll choose to get started with this value-packed resource that I’ve put together..

Use it daily to lose weight, feel great and experience crystal mental clarity….

And experience all the other benefits that come with being a Ketogenic Vegan, in 30 days or less starting today.

I look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Download Your Copy Now for $34

​You'll be taken to a secure checkout page to complete your purchase. The entire Practical Vegan Keto pack is in digital PDF format and will be delivered immediately to your inbox after purchasing.

Here’s to making healthy, ethical, delicious vegan keto recipes!

​Yours sincerely,
Kane Johnston

​Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Are the foods gluten free?

Q. Are the foods gluten free?

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Q. What is Keto and will it work for me?

Q. How can you have keto recipes for vegans...without meat? Most vegan foods are carbohydrates!